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I do not fertilize my lawn and want to start but my yard is all weeds?

There is nothing we like better than a challenge. With a proper program and care you can have a beautiful yard too. In some cases we will come and spray your entire yard with weed control this may take some time. In some cases we recommend that aeration and seeding be done in the fall to help loosen the soil and gets the good grass to take over. Call us for your free estimate obligation free.

Do I need to be home for salesperson to price my lawn or trees?

This is entirely up to the individual customer. We most certainly can make an appointment to meet with you or our sales person can look and measure everything and leave you an estimate and follow up with you later.

How long should I stay off lawn after application is done?

Most applications are just a dry fertilizer with a spot weed control; please remember nobody should be blanket spraying your yard with weed control unless you have a serious weed problem. In most cases you should be ok to go on lawn within a few hours of application or unless your technician put otherwise on your paperwork this includes pets and children.A general rule of thumb is 24 hours that way you don’t need to concern yourself with the type of application done.

How long after application should I water?

We recommend that you water your application in within a 24 hours, but not immediately after if you had a weed control put down.  You want to allow at least 60 minutes drying time for effective control.

If I see weeds and know you were here a few days ago what should I do?

Sometimes weeds take up to 14 days if after that period you still see them please call us and we will come back free of charge and spray them again.

I do not have a sprinkler system to water my lawn how will this affect my application?

Not having a sprinkler system or means to water your lawn leaves you at the mercy of Mother Nature who does not always want to cooperate considering you need at least an inch of water on your lawn a week in the hot summer months. If this does not happen mowing your lawn at a higher setting or not at all and leaving some grass clippings will help keep some moisture in the soil, but ultimately in prolonged periods of no rain or water your grass will burn or go dormant basically called drought stress. If this happens you want to keep heavy traffic off your lawn as this will damage it further. Slow release fertilizers used in the summer months will help rejuvenate your lawn in the cooler rainier seasons that follow.  We can now offer drought management applications to your lawn that significantly reduce the amount of water applied to your lawn and still giving the grass the moisture it needs.  If you do have irrigation available, this drought management program can save you a lot of money in water charges.  You can contact us for a free quote on these services.

How long after my application can I mow my yard?

We recommend trying to mow your lawn before applications as we do not want to disturb the granular or weed controls that are applied to the lawn until they have been really watered in. If this is not possible we recommend that blades be raised to at least 31/2” and grass clippings are not picked up but left. If the grass is too high in some cases we will leave a note to return after lawn has been cut to ensure the fertilizer is reaching the soil.

I am watering my lawn regularly and it is turning brown?

In most cases this could be a fungal issue especially in hot dry summer months. You will want to call us immediately to access the issue free of charge as fungus can kill your lawn in a very short period of time if not taken care of, at which time we will recommend a fungus treatment, if needed, at an extra cost. In some cases a seeding may be needed in the fall to refurbish the area affected, but in most cases if caught in time, removing the dead grass and applying a treatment the lawn will fill back in on its own. People who get the fungal spores generally can have the issue again as these spores live in the soil. We recommend at least one treatment a year in the late spring to try and suppress this from happening again.  As we determine your lawns issues, an annual treatment program may be necessary.

You just applied application and it rained?

Typically this is not an issue unless weed control has been put down and not given at least thirty minutes to dry in. If in 14 days you still see weeds you can call us for a free retreatment of weeds.

My Neighbors Yard Looks Better Than Mine?

This can be a series of things from different grasses to soils to watering habits to the kind of grass each one of you has. If your neighbor’slawn looks better than yours it is not because they are being treated better there could be an underlying cause to your issue.  A quick and simple answer is everything looks better on the other side of the fence, but once we take time to investigate the grass may not always appear as it seems.  Call our office for a free service call to try and come to a conclusion.

My invoice shows a previous balance but I paid my bill?

In some cases invoices cross with payments in which case a balance owed will show. You can look to see when your payment went out and compare it to the as of date shown on your invoice. If your payment went out anywhere near that date chances are it has just crossed with the invoice. Invoices are printed every 4 weeks. If you are still not sure you can call our office and we will be glad to help you.

I have Mole tunnels in my yard does this mean I have grubs?

This does not mean you have grubs it is a common misconception. Moles love earthworms it is there number one source of food. While we do not have treatments for these critters there are products you can use or you can call an exterminator.  You may also have voles, which look very similar to moles but they are herbivores and feed on plants and their roots.  The best option we have found for these critters is a multi-approach to deter there activity with predator scents and acoustical devices.  We have found that a product call Plantsydd works very well and we can offer to sell the granular product for your use.