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If I told you we had a program to save you 50% in watering…

  • Save on your water bill
  • Save on your sewer bill in many municipalities
  • Provide more consistent watering to your lawn,trees and shrubs
  • Have your property benefit from fast moving summer rain showers
  • Improve your lawn
  • Each application is effective for 2 months

…would you be interested?

Just think, it’s July and our state is once again under a water shortage and you are not able to use your irrigation system. Or your water sewer bill just came and you just can’t afford to run your irrigation as much as needed or you don’t even have the means to water your lawn.

Program Benefits

This water management program will be applied at the most critical time - right before the summer heat, drought and water shortages happen. This is a granular product applied to your lawn just like a fertilizer that when watered in by irrigation or Mother Nature it will:

  • Greatly increase water penetration and irrigation efficiency allowing you to keep your landscape green with up to 50% less water
  • The lawn will be more drought tolerant and will recover more quickly from drought conditions and reduces the shut down survival mode reducing the plant from becoming susceptible from disease and pests
  • Increases nitrogen fertilizer efficiency by keeping the fertilizer high in the root zone
  • Significantly reduces water runoff and allows newly available water to enter the soil instead of channeling the water away from the root zone

The program is recommended as a three application program so there is no lapse in water coverage especially in drought conditions.

This product is a basic storage system that captures moisture either by rain, irrigation, morning dew, and even humidity in the atmosphere. It then has the capacity to store the moisture and offer it back to the soils of your lawn, plants and trees. It is like a rechargeable battery of moisture for your yard.

Finally, we can help our landscapes with the most basic of needs – WATER. Beyond offering water to the plants during the growing season, a full program will help bind moisture in the fall to allow our precious trees to swell their winter water reserves. When we combine this program to our tree and shrub winter protection program, we can help nature to protect our landscapes from brutal “winter burn”. Winter burn is a form of desiccation (drying) that occurs when the plants water reserves are depleted.

Our Water Management Program offers the most vital resource to your property, WATER. Water is nature’s tool and now we can better direct its efficiency. Saving money on everything else is just icing on the cake.


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